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GLS21 Event Kit

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For the first time ever, GLS Local allows you to host your very own Summit experience! You may choose to host either a STANDARD event (minimal planning & preparation) or an ADVANCED event (greater ownership & team inclusion).

Please select the tab below to read the details of each style of event.

Running a Standard GLS Local

Requires only minimal planning and preparation from the Host Leader.

  1. Plan your event date/s and break times
  2. Utilise the Marketing Kit to promote your GLS Local to your team, organisation, congregation and local community (have them register via the GLNA website using your group name and password)
  3. Communicate your event plans to those registered in your group (including any catering options)
  4. Implement a COVID-safe plan for your venue
  5. Print GLS Notebooks or provide participants access to a digital copy
  6. Ensure all who attend your GLS Local are registered via the GLNA website
  7. Have a tech-savvy participant oversee audio-visual components to optimise internet streaming, picture and sound quality
  8. Show the four sessions of GLS content onto a suitably large screen
  9.  GLS content includes pre-recorded facilitation which guides participants through reflection and discussion times
  10. Oversee break times and any catering arrangements
  11. Ensure all participants details are updated within your group on Brushfire for them to each receive 7-days Video-on-Demand from GLNA between 22-28th November
  12. Register your group for GLS 2022 before 28th November to secure in-conference rates. 

Running an Advanced GLS Local

Requires additional planning and preparation from the Host Leader and their team.

  1. Assemble a team (see suggested key roles and role descriptions below)
  2. Determine how to best action each of the four pillars of GLS Local
  3. Implement each of the elements of a STANDARD GLS Local (as above) PLUS present your choice of live music and live facilitation. 
The remainder of the Event Kit is designed to assist you and your team in hosting an ADVANCED GLS Local.

Four Pillars of GLS Local

Dream Big

Enlarge your vision to register as many people as possible to attend your GLS Local.

Make It Yours

You are empowered to run GLS Local at a time and location of your choosing between 8/10 – 21/11.

Create A Wow

Get creative to generate excitement and connection through a truly memorable event. Consider your set-up, stage design, lighting, decorations, food, and production.

Live it Out

Activate participants to reflect, discuss and take meaningful next steps.

Role Descriptions

Host Leader

The primary contact to receive all distribute relevant information and updates to both the Host Team and all who have registered within their group

  • Use the Marketing Kit to promote your event locally. 
  • Use the Event Kit to prepare your team to Host GLS Local. 
  • Use the Production Kit to present a high-quality event. 
  • Ensure all who attend your GLS Local are registered via the GLNA website.
  • Access ticketing portal “Brushfire”, to see real-time registrations and contact details.  
  • Clear and concise event information and updates to delegates: including date, time, venue address, parking, catering, COVID compliance.
  • Work with your team to create a run-sheet for your event.
  • At the conclusion of your event, ensure all participant details are updated within your group on Brushfire for them to each receive 7-days Video-on-Demand from GLNA between 22-28th November. 

Event Manager

Provide the best possible off-stage environment.

  • Assist the Host Leader to promote your GLS Local to maximise registrations for your event.
  • Create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Set-up chairs and round tables to maximise discussion and participant interaction.
  • Clean and decorate the venue.
  • Prepare name tags and lanyards.
  • Provide all participants with the GLS Notebook (either printed or digital copy).
  • Set up and oversee registration desk and catering.

Facilitator / MC

Communicate clearly from the stage and lead the facilitation times to maximise learning.

  • Communicate announcements and session times and sets the tone for the conference, 
  • Predetermine break times including length of facilitation moments, 
  • Directs participants to their GLS Notebooks to maximise learning during facilitation times.


Oversee all programming and on-stage elements.

  • Plan, rehearse and execute programming elements that will add to the impact of the learning content (eg live music or creative moments).  
  • Lead the Tech Coordinator and Music Director (if applicable).
  • Be responsible for everything that happens inside the auditorium during the conference.

Tech Coordinator

Oversee all audio-visual and technical elements.

  • Responsible for picture and sound quality, lighting and computer operation.
  • Test and optimise internet connection speeds to ensure smooth streaming playback of large video files.
  • Ensure a suitably large screen and projection quality for presenting GLS content.
  • Oversee the preparation, checking and presentation of playback files.
  • Plays appropriate background music pre-event and during break times.

Our National Administrator and Event Coordinator Bron Nance will support you every step of the way. If you need further assistance, email: admin@glssingapore.org or call: 1300 185 640